Kim's Radiator

Keeping things cool for 57 years

We've been keeping things cool in the bayou state for 56 years. We repair radiators, heat exchangers, oil coolers and gas tanks of all shapes and sizes. Applications include automotive, semi-truck, industrial, agriculture and marine. We also stock new radiators and can manufacture specialty products for your cooling needs. 

In addition, we clean DPF and DOC filters as well as offer aftermarket replacements.


all metal or plastic aluminum?

The Stokes family has been in this business since the Tin Lizzy hit the mass market back in 1908; we've seen a lot radiator trends come and go. At present, all aluminum is all the rage. But, is it really better? According to our wind tunnel and pressure tester, too often they aren't built well and fail. We won't name the brands, but it's not just the cheap all aluminum you find online, it's all the high priced all aluminum you find online. If you have a